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December 26, 2009
Michael Schumacher Return Great for F1 Circus

Ok, the stage is solidifying for 2010 to be a banner year for the series struggling for kumbaya between owners and the elf.  At last check, the opener Bahrain is a mere 71 days away and I would bet that there are engineers in Maranello as we speak working 24/7 sweating out details.  While we are not at the grid yet, we will be enjoying 13 teams in 2010, including four new entries with Lotus (currently based UK, backed by a Malaysian consortium), Campos (Spain), Virgin (UK) and our own team here in the states, USF1.
Peter Windsor, Ken Anderson and Chad Hurley, the co-founder of YouTube have settled down in Charlotte, NC to hatch the US's first Formula One team since Dan Gurney's Eagles in the 60s.  While probably not approved by Hurley, is presenting videos giving you a peak of the team's progress.

USF1's First Day

They are promising a team line-up after the first of the year.

Fresh from a team and driver championship, Brawn GP now taken over by Mercedes has offed the providential Button to carry the luggage for Sir Hamilton freeing space for miraculously recovered, seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher.  The anointed one joins his mate Brawn for a one-year soiree.  Scuderia Ferrari have also done some house cleaning dumping personality-less Kimstser.  I really enjoyed this recent rally footage where Kimi demonstrates a perfect pirouette for his new team.  Note the complete lack of post-crash class, where without checking the condition of his now dizzy route caller, he dons his thug-shaped ball cap and exits stage uphill.

The Kimster at Play

Stefano Domenicali will have his hands full with Alonso adding his special flavor to the team.  It will be great to see Felipe back in the driver's seat.

2010 Rules & Regs

The most drastic changes in year will tax the race strategists by banning refueling during the race, modifying the points system to include the top 10 finishers, reducing the width of the front tires, adding more weight to offset the advantage of the vertically challenged KERS drivers.  Now that the teams all agreed to not run KERS, this will just add additional poundage for the design teams to pile on to the mass required for the additional fuel. Banned are those goofy wheel fairings that proved to be more of a headache.  Oh, and they added the M. Schumacher rule, that it the team chooses to substitute a driver that has not participated in an F1 race in more than two years, they will be granted one day of track testing.  Gee, thanks.

Did you catch Bernie's Christmas Card?

Bernie Eckelstone's Christmas card

Forza Ferrari!


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