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December 16, 2006
Ferrari Formula One Driver Clay Regazzoni Killed

Swiss-born, Clay Regazzoni's career with Ferrari spanned 73 GPs from 1970 through 1972. After Luca di Montezemolo was hired to run the team in 1973, he hired Regazoni and Nick Lauda from the BRM team and Regazoni stayed on the team from 1974-1976 chalking up 4 victories for the Scuderia and finishing as high as 2nd in the championship points behind Lauda in 1974.

Regazoni's Formula One racing career was cut short by an accident at the US GP in 1980 which broke his spine and paralyzed him from the waist down. Fitted with hand-controlled vehicles, he continued to compete again in events such as the Paris-Dakar Rally and the 1993 Sebring 12 Hours, and last raced in 2000 in the London-Sydney Marathon Rally. He was killed in Parma Italy, December 15, 2006 in a car accident.

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