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January 14, 2007
Ferrari presents F1 2007

Amid virtually no fanfare (wait until tomorrow), they posted new photos of the F1 challenger for the post-Schumacher era. Internally known as the 658, the F1 2007 represents the 53rd single seater Scuderia Ferrari has produced.

The chassis is much different than the 248 of 2006, and is a reflection of the new rules for 2007 which have to do primarily with safety upgrades and added weight (reportedly up 10kg.). 2007 regulations concern a more stringent front and rear crash tests. In addition the wheelbase of the F1 2007 is 85mm longer than the F1 248. While the technology is undoubtedly upgraded from 2006, the remaining specifications on the car are identical to last year. The type 056 engine continues with a rev limit of 19,000 rpm and includes piston cooling jets.

The front wing continues to grow in size and surface area with the configuration now in a bi-wing layout. There are two new appendages that have grown around the front of the side pods.

2006 F1 248


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