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November 24, 2007
Ferrari Challenge Game Coming to PSP3, DS & Wii

Ok, you've put off investing in a new gaming system because there have been NO worthwhile racing simulators.  You only have to wait until January 2008.  Good timing don't you think?

System 3 is busy crafting this Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli simulator (official by the way), after the current Challenge series and looks to be a wonderful reason to make the leap to these new platforms.

Click here to go to the Teaser Site

System 3 has employed handling consultant, Bruno Senna, F1’s legend Ayrton Senna’s nephew to assist in its realism.  Having driven and won System 3’s own Ferrari 430 Challenge car at Silverstone, he should be a fitting consultant.

From their website: "On Sony PS3 version, 16 players can compete on LAN or online, testing their nerves on 16 different circuits. However, the online experience isn’t just limited to racing - thanks to the extensive online support, new vehicles and tracks associated with the Challenge series can also be downloaded or swapped with friends via your Virtual garage. Game modes such as the Ferrari Challenge season, Arcade or Quick Race modes ensure variety and quick access to play. You also have a built in tutorial that shows you the correct line to take and braking points around Ferrari’s test circuit at Fiorano.  In the Nintendo DS version, up to four players can duel each other in a wireless game share mode. Both Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 versions support the “Official Ferrari Steering Wheel” from Thrust Master."

Hmmm. should be worth the wait!


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