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January 6, 2008
Ferrari F2008 F1 Released

Ferrari has released photos and specifications of this year's contending car.  Rebadged with numbers 1 and 2 thanks to last year's championship, Kimi's car is displayed in all it's glory.

As previously stated by the team, the F2008 car is an evolution of the 2007 car, with the same basic layout with some clean-up of the aerodynamics and adjustments.

There are some new appendages and different airflow techniques presumably to clean up the flow, vent the heat and provide more down force.  With the deletion of traction control, the watchword this year has to be handling, and the aerodynamicists I'm sure have been busy perfecting the car to its current state.

You can tell a lot from studying the overhead views, as presented here with comparisons to the F2007 car:

1. The nose has been integrated into the front wing assembly, which is a dramatic change from the past, but it makes a bunch of sense.

2. There is a new shark fin up front.  Now the F2007 had a fin, or more of a vertical board, but the F2008 has a more pronounced and aerodynamic version with horizontal wings, much like a keel on a boat.

3. Many aerodynamic changes on front of the pod.  The larger flare has been cleaned up and has a prounouced horizontal split.  There is a strange protrusion towards the bottom that is new that looks like a redirector of airflow that moves more air to the bottom of the side of the car, where new fins create even more down force.

4. The front of the pod has also benefitted from the wind tunnel in relieving frontal pressure and a bit more side wing.

5. The exhaust platform has been reconfigured with more exit vanes, longer exhaust pipe extensions and the wing mounted behind this area appears to have been swapped end to end and moved forward.  In addition, a stunning curve has been added to the top of the air box.  While this no doubt cleans up the air, it makes a dramatic visual statement as well.

6. The front of the rear wing has been sculpted to increase down force, but I wonder if this will stay in place for long circuits such as Monza.

What a stunning achievement in not only evolving the car to a new level, but actually improving the design and appeal of the car.

Ok, this is a little geeky, but I have transposed the F2007 car over the F2008 (in red here).  You can see here how much the car has been cleaned up.

Forza Ferrari!


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